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Meyn Mamvro magazineMeyn Mamvro is the magazine of ancient stones and sacred sites in Cornwall. It has been published regularly since 1986, and, taken together, all the editions contain a wealth of original material about the prehistory and ancient customs of Cornwall.

Meyn Mamvro Publications produce a number of books and booklets about the ancient sites of Cornwall, including comprehensively illustrated guides to the alignments, ley paths and anomalous energies at ancient and sacred sites in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, such as standing stones, stone circles, dolmens, fogous, holy wells and crosses.

The best-selling book Pagan Cornwall - Land of the Goddess discovers a continuity of Goddess tradition in remote Cornwall from ancient times up to the present day.

Volume 1 of Meyn Mamvro (1986-2019) now has its own Archive web site, where you can read and download all back issues (nos. 1-100) for free. Click on the Link here to take you to the Archive site.



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