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Dor Dama Press, which means "Earth Mother" in Cornish, is a new imprint, dedicated to publishing books on Goddess studies and research by leading authors in the field.

The Goddess in Crete

Dor Dama Press - The Goddess in CreteExplore the ancient sites, the beautiful finds and the dramatic landscape of Minoan Crete in this guide to the culture and civilisation of this magical isle.

This complete guide to the Goddess in Crete includes sites, museums, directions, maps, background information - and over 160 colour photos & illustrations.

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The Norse Goddess by Monica Sjöö

dor damaAn excitingly original book by internationally respected writer and artist Monica Sjöö on the Goddess spirituality of her own native land of Sweden and of Finland & Lappland. Featuring art work by Monica to complement the text, the book tells of the re-discovery of the ancient Norse Goddess in the stories, sites and prehistory of these very beautiful and sacred places.

"Monica takes us powerfully into the spiritual world and Otherworld of the northern shamanic peoples who today remain as the Saami. She also describes the Neolithic sites and ancient sacred landscapes from her own returnings into her birthland. An inspiring book with much information not to be found elsewhere." 

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Mother of the Isles by Jill Smith

Mother of the Isles by Jill Smith ISBN: 0 9518859 7 9Writer, researcher and artist Jill Smith takes the reader on a very special journey to the Western Isles of Scotland, in particular the Isles of Lewis where she lived for many years. Here she found a powerful energy of Goddess in the landscape, which led her to delve into the old tales and legends of the place to uncover the original meanings and significances of the Land.

Includes: Creation Myths, Callanish, Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Brighde and the Cailleach Bheure, the Sheela-na-Gig at Rodel, Scathac and the Amazon Woman of St Kilda.

"Researching and writing this book has been a great adventure for me and also a long and rewarding journey. I hope that in reading it, you will share in that adventure, and that it may be for you also a journey which will set you off in new directions."

Mother of the Isles: Now back in print, available direct from Jill Smith. Please e-mail her direct at

Pagan Cornwall - Land of the Goddess by Cheryl Straffon

Pagan Cornwall - Land of the Goddess by Cheryl StraffonThis book discovers a continuity of Goddess-tradition in remote Cornwall from ancient times right up to the present day, using evidence from archaeological research, folklore and legend, and rural tradition and custom. A much-loved book by author and researcher Cheryl Straffon now into its 4th reprint.

Includes: Sites of the Goddess, Spirit of Ancient Earth, Goddess of Healing and Divination, Isles of the Goddess, The Goddess of the Land, Wheel of the Year, Witches & Wise Women, Goddess today.

"From one end of Cornwall to another I have journeyed, always aware of the special quality of this land, special for me because I find the ancient ways and the spirituality here still very much alive."

"The Goddess is alive and well in Cornwall, and Cheryl Straffon is Her articulate and ardent spokeswoman and guide. May she be thrice blessed for the beautiful work she has done and shared with us."

(Vicki Williams, Goddessing Regenerated)

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